Banana, Coconut, And Lime Muffins

Banana Coconut Lime Muffins

Put the lime in the coconut…and add banana.

Scratchy sent me this recipe yesterday, which was especially thoughtful considering her utter disdain for bananas. I had a hankering to try them, especially when I found a particularly revolting-looking overripe banana on our kitchen counter (that would have been ever MORE revolting for Scratchy, the banana hater). I ran out to pick up a couple of limes, and assembled the ingredients. There were a lot of them, but the main stars are right here:

lime coconut banana

Although the recipe called for unsweetened coconut, I couldn’t find any, so I had to settle for sweetened. There are worse compromises.

I whisked the flour, baking powder, and salt together, and set that bowl aside.


Then I zested the two limes.


Everything went into the bowl, including the zest, the juice from the limes, sugar, yogurt, eggs, coconut, vanilla, canola oil, and the mashed banana. It all looked a little scary.

wet ingredients

But once mixed, it was…well…slightly less scary.


Then I folded in the flour mixture, being very careful not to overmix. A few lumps, said the recipe, would be okay.

I tasted it. Sweet but citrusy, a strong good flavor. I had high hopes.


The recipe said to make 18 muffins, so I divided the batter as evenly as I could. The ones in the blog looked pretty small like my weird muffins usually do, so I figured I was on the right track.

They went in like this…

batter in cups

…and came out like this:

muffins baked

I don’t think I can really judge them yet. I tasted one, and the texture was off, but I know that many muffins (banana, pumpkin, etc.) taste better the next morning. So I will see tomorrow. The lime tasted a little strong to me and I didn’t taste any banana, but we’ll do another check in a day and see if it’s just a weird bad recipe or an excellent one that needs a little time to breathe. Update coming!


UPDATE: Well…the texture’s okay. Not spectacular, but okay. There’s too much lime, not enough banana, and I think they’re adequate but not worth a second go. They are not very kid-friendly (or me-friendly) so I will bring them to work and see if any adults want to eat lime coconut muffins. I don’t.

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