Chocolate Clove Yogurt Cake

Chocolate Clove Yogurt Cake

So while the Banana Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Singles were baking or cooling or in various states of I’m-not-sure-if-these-will-work-out, I started working on my back-up plan. I’d seen this recipe on Pinterest a while ago, and I loved the idea of chocolate and cloves, plus I liked that it looked a little weird in the picture. Plus it’s French. If you can’t trust the French to make desserts, then what is this world coming to?

Also I’m all about the yogurt these days. I hate the stuff, but once you use it in baked goods it becomes magical.

It started with flour (whole wheat white), baking powder, cocoa powder, and the cloves.

flour, cocoa, cloves, baking powder

The cloves were the challenging part here. The recipe called for five whole cloves, ground, but I only have ground cloves, and didn’t really see the need to go buy whole ones so I could grind them up. I did some Googling, and it turns out that three cloves = 1/4 teaspoon. So I needed five, which meant just under half a teaspoon. I did the best I could, crossed my fingers, and whisked.


The next part of the recipe required an electric mixer. It seemed a little excessive to me, given the ingredients, but I don’t argue with the French. They give us so much.

Into the stand mixer bowl went the egg and the sugar.

eggs and sugar in stand mixer

Once that was thoroughly mixed, I added canola oil and yogurt.

oil and yogurt added

I moved the bowl away from the mixer, and added in the flour/cocoa mixture.

added in

I made sure to do this, as per the (translated) directions:

Stir the dry ingredients avoiding overmix preparation.

I avoided accordingly.

Then I added in the dark chocolate chips.

adding chocolate chips

Once properly folded in, the mixture was poured into a loaf pan. Because of the photos on the recipe page itself, I knew it wouldn’t come anywhere close to filling up that pan.

batter in pan

I couldn’t help but be skeptical, though. It barely covered the bottom of the pan. I put it in the oven and hoped for the best.

While it was baking, I discovered that the oatmeal singles weren’t just tolerable, they were delicious. A relief…and perhaps a good sign?

It was perfectly baked in 30 minutes. It had to share space on the wire rack with the oatmeal thingies though.

loaf in pan

I let it sit for fifteen minutes, then took it out of the pan.

out of pan

It looked and smelled great.

I’m happy to report that it tastes great too. Texture is light and fluffy, dark chocolate chips provide a lovely accent, and the cloves give it an exciting unusual bite, not too much to overpower it, but just enough to make it interesting. Easy to make, relatively low in fat, and delicious. A new favorite for sure.


(You’ll have to scroll down for the English version.)

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