Lemon Poppy Seed Muffins With Juliet

Lemon Poppy Seed Muffins With Juliet

The kids were completely disinterested in the Chai Pumpkin Bread, unsurprisingly, and as of late I haven’t been baking things that Juliet particularly likes, so I offered to make her something she’d like, and after some waffling over the cookies vs. muffins debate, she made her wishes known: Lemon Poppy Seed Muffins, please. And she wanted to help.

Juliet with ingredients

I let her measure out the sugar, although I zested the lemons myself; the Microplane is just too sharp for her wee fingers.

pouring sugar

But when it came time to rub the sugar into the lemon zest, which I thought she’d enjoy, she balked. “Ew!” she said after trying, then ran to wash her hands.

sugar and lemon zest

She returned a few minutes later, once she knew I wasn’t going to try to convince her to stick her hands into the lemony mess. She insisted on measuring the flour herself, and actually did a pretty good job.

Juliet measuring flour

Juliet measuring flour

Juliet measuring flour

And right after that, I lost her. Our friends Marcie & Margot came over to visit and eat Chai Pumpkin Bread, and Nathaniel, Juliet, and Margot were off & running.

I don’t need to document the step-by-step now that I’m on my own; I blogged this recipe a while back. But it’s worth showing how great they looked on their way in as well as out of the oven.

muffin batter

out of the oven


The kids came a-runnin’ once they knew there were muffins up for grabs.


Juliet eating lemon poppy seed muffin

(Nathaniel was eating his with a pickle accompaniment.)




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