Baked Cinnamon Mini Donuts

Baked Cinnamon Mini Donuts

The kids have been begging for mini donuts and yesterday was our first Saturday at home in weeks, so I finally took out the mini donut maker Jenny gave us, and got to work. Lucky for me on a sleepy Saturday morning, I had a helper.

Juliet getting ready to bake

Juliet was in charge of the flour (whole wheat white). I’ve said it before, she’s very adept at the whole scooping-and-measuring process. Look at her go.

Juliet scooping

Juliet measuring

Juliet levelling

Juliet pouring flour into bowl

Then we added the baking powder, sugar, and cinnamon. I threw in some nutmeg for extra flavor, remembering the last batch of mini donuts, which were rather bland and saved only by the addition of caramel sauce.

Juliet, champion whisker, got the dry ingredients properly mixed.

Juliet whisking


Then we got a separate bowl for the rest of the ingredients: an egg, milk, and vanilla.

Juliet with second bowl

We whisked that together, added some oil, and poured it into the flour mixture.


It looked pretty good all together.


Juliet skipped off to play Legos with Nathaniel while I got to work on making teeny tiny donuts. I didn’t get any pictures of the batter in the donut machine because the timing is so tricky! You spoon it in as carefully as you can and since it starts cooking quickly and the entire cooking time is two minutes (and change), it’s all about getting the lid closed as quickly as possible. I was too focused to grab the camera. Must make donuts!


The kids approved, and I know the new flavor was a hit, since they didn’t ask for anything on top and just enjoyed the sweet donutty goodness that was their bounty on Labor Day weekend. Smart kids.

Nathaniel with donut

I sampled them and so did Dave — this recipe is a winner! Love the cinnamon and nutmeg, I could even add a little more. Great cakey texture. And so tiny! Makes them seem very innocuous, doesn’t it?


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