Baked Cinnamon Sugar Mini Donuts

baked cinnamon sugar mini donuts

The kids needed these baked cinnamon sugar mini donuts. They did!  I was just doing what my conscience dictated when I whipped up a batch. I was fulfilling a moral obligation. Really.

Also, I had a new mini donut pan that needed a tryout.

Also, Juliet wanted to help. Cuteness and spills abounded.

Juliet pouring sugar

We added the butter and put the mixer to work. (We weren’t going for healthy this time around; my goal was to give the kids one big last treat before our vacation was really and truly over.)

butter and sugar in bowl

butter and sugar creamed

Juliet took charge of the egg. She took it very seriously.

Juliet holding egg

We added that, as well as the milk and vanilla, and beat on medium speed.

egg, milk, vanilla added

Juliet ran off at right about this point, and left the rest to me. I added the baking powder and salt, and then slowly mixed in the flour, beating just until combined.

adding flour

adding flour

adding flour

My next task was to pipe it into the mini donut pan. I knew I had some pastry bags & tips somewhere, but for the sake of convenience, I reached for my decorator and just used that. Of course the tip I had on it was for making decorative frosting flourishes, so the batter looked a lot fancier than it needed to.

fancy batter

I used an offset spatula to smooth them out a little, then popped them into the oven and readied the topping. Usually I’ll make the cinnamon-sugar mix but skip the melted butter but I made an exception for this last vacation blast of a day. I set up a little topping station.

butter and cinnamon sugar ready to go

The donuts took about 10 minutes to bake through, and I let them cool for a minute or two, then rushed them through the topping process. I brushed them with the butter, then dipped them in the cinnamon sugar.

baked cinnamon sugar mini donuts

I promptly delivered them to the children.

Nathaniel eating donuts

Juliet eating donuts



Two very happy children. Mission accomplished.

(I tried half of one of them, and I have to be honest, I didn’t love them. I felt like most of the flavor was in the cinnamon-sugar. But the texture was nice and the kids were thrilled and they ate every last one.)


(The only change I made was to use whole wheat white flour, and I subbed out a tiny bit of it for wheat germ. Otherwise I stuck to the recipe.)

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