Baking in BC: Banana Muffins With Peanut Butter Chips

Banana Muffins With Peanut Butter Chips in BC

I had to make my famous original Banana Yogurt Muffins in BC once I saw Mom’s potato masher.

“Do you have a potato masher, by any chance?”

“I do, but it’s not a very good one. It has a penguin handle and it’s in the drawer.”

potato masher

Okay, Mom? That’s not a penguin. I think it’s a duck, although it might be a pelican. That said, it’s magnificent.

masher with Juliet

Juliet agreed.

She also agreed to help with the muffins. There’s no whole wheat white flour in Canada as far as everyone knows, so I did half a cup of white first…

Juliet pouring in flour

…then half a cup of wheat.

Juliet pouring sugar

Then a very carefully measured tablespoon of baking powder.

Juliet and baking powder

I did the salt and baking soda, plus the cinnamon, but after I grated the nutmeg I let her add it.

Juliet with nutmeg

Juliet with empty plate

Good job, Juliet! Now she was ready to whisk.

Juliet ready to whisk

And whisk she did.

Juliet whisking

Finally it was time for the bananas.

masher with bananas

The masher did its work.

mashed bananas

We added an egg. (A green egg.)

added egg

In went the peanut butter (Kraft again), the yogurt, the sugars, and vanilla. I had lost Juliet at that point, so I just threw it all together and popped it into the oven. There were no cinnamon chips to top them off with, so I used peanut butter chips instead.

Everything came out beautifully.

muffins in tin

Fifteen minutes later, we had muffins!

And then I had my favorite breakfast to eat for the rest of the trip. Success.


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