Chocolate Chip Cookies

Chocolate Chip Cookies

(requested by Nathaniel)

Sometimes an 8-year-old boy just wants a straightforward treat. “Chocolate chip cookies,” he said. “Big ones, though…not like the little ones you usually make.”

It’s true, I am guilty of making my cookies small, because then they contain fewer Weight Watchers points. Of course that strategy only works if you don’t eat 75 of them.

So I went back to a lovely recipe for chewy chocolate chip cookies I found on Pinterest, and made them bigger. The recipe INSISTS that you not let them bake for more than ten minutes, but given their Advanced Size, I ended up giving them thirteen.

It all begins with these ingredients…

ingredients minus vanilla

…plus vanilla, which I forgot to put into the picture. And yes, that’s cornstarch. Don’t be dismayed. It will all work out in the end.

That Biscoff Spread you see in the background isn’t in this recipe, but be assured it will make its presence known in the future. We have one jar and I have seen interesting recipes for cookies, muffins, and frosting. It will have its day.

Like most good, basic cookies, this one starts with creaming the butter & sugars together.

butter and sugars

Yes, that’s one and a half sticks of butter. That’s okay. Everything’s going to work out fine. If you were here to taste the cookies, you’d understand.

Once I got the texture I wanted, I added the egg and almost-forgotten vanilla.

added egg and vanilla

I blended.


Separately, I combined the flour, cornstarch, baking soda, and salt, then started adding it into the first mixture, about a third at a time to make sure it didn’t go POOF and end up all over the counter.

no poof

When the mixture got too thick for the beaters, I scraped the delicious batter off of them as best as I could, and finished combining by hand. See how thick it got?


Lastly, I folded in the chocolate chips. Semi-sweet. Ghiradelli.

While I was measuring and mixing and folding, Dave was in the living room, suffering the joy and sorrow of snuggling Juliet (joy) while watching something horrific that she found on Netflix (sorrow). Curse you, Netflix! Why can’t they add a feature where parents can remove specific items from the line-up? I suppose it’s a small price to pay for snuggles, but what the hell is this British show with grown-ups dressed like fairies singing about how everybody loves parties?

tv hell

That was my view from the kitchen. Terrifying.

I got out my trusty cookie scoop but remembered Nathaniel’s words. “Big ones, though…not like the little ones you usually make.” I made sure that every scoop was oversized, like the way I measure peanut butter or cinnamon. More = more.

big scoops

And the results? THESE.

cookies on sheet

Big Cookies. Big Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies. No weird ingredients, no zest, no spices, just your basic homemade chocolate chip with some puff to them.

After surviving the fairies show, Dave taste-tested for me.

Dave bite

Dave joy

Then it was time to call in Nathaniel. “I need you!” I told him. He walked into the kitchen expecting to be asked to perform some task, and instead was pointed in the direction of his requested-for cookies.

Nathaniel and cookies

He liked them.

cookie tasting

joyful cookie expression

I must remember to look for more recipes on that blog, because this one is a definite win. These Cinnamon Buttermilk Muffins look pretty good. Pinning them now.


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