Malted Chocolate Chip or Peanut Butter Chip Cookies

I’ve made these before — they’re Dave’s favorites. But I made them again, with some small alterations, because the kids have both just had ear infections and they felt these would help. And why not?

The tricky part, though, is that Juliet doesn’t really like chocolate chips. She likes chocolate kisses, or chocolate that comes wrapped in something and can live on a shelf indefinitely, but homemade goods with chocolate are a no-no in her world. So some of these got peanut butter chips instead, instantly qualifying them for a new blog entry.

But I started things off the same way I did the last time: with butter. Two sticks.


I beat the butter until it was smooth and then added two kinds of sugar, cane and light brown.

sugar added

And once that turned into the glory that butter & sugar becomes, I beat in the eggs, and then the ingredient that makes this recipe truly special, the malted milk powder.

beaters and malted milk powder

malted milk powder

I beat that all together, and just enjoyed it for a moment for a moment…


…then moved on to a new bowl to get flour mixture together. I decided to change things up this time and use whole wheat white flour instead of all purpose. I whisked that together with baking soda and salt.

dry ingredients

I added that to the first bowl, slowly, and beat until well incorporated.

batter, all mixed

And then I divided the batter into two bowls, trying to approximate a two thirds/one third split. Nathaniel’s appetite is about twice Juliet’s, so that seemed a reasonable way to divvy up the chip types: chocolate for Nathaniel, peanut butter for Juliet. In went the chips. (Ghiradelli semi-sweet chocolate, and Reese’s peanut butter.)

chocolate chips

peanut butter chips

I admit, I did end up adding more chips to both once I started mixing. Sometimes you just have to eyeball these things, stir, and eyeball some more.

I started with the chocolate chip batter, using my cookie scoop to keep the size as consistent as possible, given the gooeyness.

cookie balls on baking sheet

cookie ball

It was really hard not to just start popping the cookie batter balls into my mouth. I mean, it was REALLY hard. I got them into the oven as quickly as possible.

I found that 10 minutes was just about the right amount of baking time to hit the right texture: crispy on the outside without being too crunchy on the inside.

cookies on rack, chocolate

And then I made my way through the dough with the peanut butter chips.

peanut butter ones on rack

Juliet saw me taking pictures and jumped right in.

Juliet with cookies

In fact, she did the same thing the next morning when I was trying to take some more photos of them with a little sunlight.

Juliet with window cookies

This one’s our Ingmar Bergman shot:

Ingmar Bergman shot

And here are the cookies:

bowl cookies

A gem of a recipe. And the ear infections are gone, so apparently these cookies have healing properties in addition to being addictively delicious. They smell really good too.


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