Peanut Butter Bran Muffins


I never would have thought to mix peanut butter and bran, but I am in love with these muffins. I also love that they come via a blog called The Teenage Taste, written by a junior in high school. It’s a simple recipe, not particularly low in WW points (coming in at 5 because of the peanut butter) but the ingredients are healthy and these muffins are worth it.

They were easy enough to make, requiring nothing I didn’t already have around.

ingredients assembled

All of that combines to create a very satisfying muffin bursting with peanut butter flavor and hearty bran. I was anxious to get started, so I measured out the whole wheat white flour and then added a cup of wheat bran.

adding wheat bran to flour

Instead of using white sugar, I used organic cane sugar.

adding sugar

Last to go in was the baking powder. I whisked it all together.

dry ingredients, whisked

I prepped the peanut butter. I wanted to use more than half a cup out of sheer peanut butter love, but I restrained myself.

peanut butter

I scraped that into a bowl and added agave, the egg, and milk.

adding milk

wet ingredients, mixed

It took a while to get the peanut butter properly blended but at least it smelled good while I was doing it. (I could eat peanut butter out of the jar with a spoon and never get tired of it. I’d get thirsty, but I wouldn’t run out of peanut butter enthusiasm. Ever.)

I poured the pb mixture into the flour mixture. It looked a little less appetizing as I did it, but I had peanut butter faith.


And it mixed together nicely, which was reassuring.


Once I saw the batter in the muffin pan, I decided they could use a little something extra. I put a tiny cluster of mini chocolate chips on the top of each, about 5 or 6 at most.

batter in cups with chips

They baked for about 15 minutes, maybe a bit more. The muffins looked bumpy (in a bran muffin way) and smelled great.

The chips look nice, but they do have a habit of falling off in transport. That said, these muffins are just fantastic without them.


I’m in love with these. I don’t really see any way to lighten them up, so I’ll just appreciate the health benefits and the awesome flavor and swallow the extra points, in more ways than one.


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