Peanut Butter Krispie Cookies


Man, these are good.

They’re peanut butter cookies with a Rice Krispie crunch, how could they not be good? Plus they started with classic cookie ingredients, butter and two kinds of sugar.

butter and sugar

The recipe called for brown and white, but I replaced the white with cane sugar. Once those were creamed together, I added the egg, peanut butter, and vanilla, and mixed on medium speed.

egg vanilla honey

liquid ingredients mixed

The purple spatula, by the way, came from the same Parisian store as the cookie stamp. This was its big debut! (More Parisian baking accessories to come in future posts.)

Once I was satisfied with the texture of what was swirling around in the stand mixer, I gave it a rest and got the dry ingredients together in a separate bowl. I whisked together whole wheat white flour, baking soda, and salt.

dry ingredients

I added that, slowly and incrementally, into the peanut butter mixture, beating at low speed to avoid excessive flour poofing.

adding flour

Once that was incorporated, I threw in the Rice Krispies.

adding krispies

I folded those in by hand. The batter looked, smelled, and tasted great: sweet, crunchy, and peanut buttery.


The dough then had to be chilled for an hour, but due to circumstances (such as life, the universe, and everything), I didn’t end up actually baking the cookies until the following day. I let it sit on the counter for a bit to warm up, then scooped it into balls.

cookie balls

Mine were fully baked at twelve minutes, I think I got about 40 cookies out of the batch.  The recipe said to expect about two dozen, so I assumed those were bigger. Mine didn’t flatten the way they ones on the blog did, so I’m wondering if that was also size-related. I’m not complaining, though.


They have a good crunch, with a typical peanut butter cookie texture combined with the crispy crunch of the rice cereal. Flavor is perfect, with the peanut butter coming through in every bite. The only trick is trying not to eat five of them at a time. Or eight. Or ten.


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