Red Velvet Cookies. . .

Red Velvet Cookies with White Chocolate Chips and Cream Cheese Blobs

. . .with White Chocolate Chips and Cream Cheese Blobs

It’s supposed to be a cream cheese swirl, but I am esthetically challenged when it comes to baked goods. I can make things that taste wonderful, but none of them look all that terrific, and some look downright scary. My treats are designed for deeper souls who can see into the spirit of the cookie and not be distracted by the shallowness of external beauty.

(I wish I could make them pretty, though.)

Last night I pulled out a tried and true favorite: Red Velvet Cookies with a Cream Cheese Swirl and White Chocolate Chips. You’ll find the recipe at that link but please don’t look at the pictures, then look at mine, and judge. Judge not lest ye be judged! Or judge not lest ye not be allowed free cookies.

I gathered up all the ingredients and posed them nicely on the counter.


Step one was to cream the butter & sugars. Dave bought me a Sunbeam stand mixer for Christmas this year and I LOVE it. And it’s red! I love things that are red, especially appliances and tools.


Once the mixture got fluffy, I added an egg, then the vanilla.


And then the red food coloring! This recipe calls for an entire tablespoon. (I know, that’s a lot, but it’s the red in red velvet unless you’re super sophisticated and you’re using something like beets instead.) I ran out of food coloring about four-fifths of the way into my tablespoon. I did the best I could, it’s the one ingredient I didn’t check on before starting.

It sure looks weird once you start blending.

adding the red food coloring

(I keep seeing that stupid loaf of bread in the corner of all these photos…I really have to clear the counter before I start snapping.)

Dry ingredients got mixed separately. I have these beautiful mixing bowls that I got as a birthday present, in gorgeous colors, each one with a pouring lip. They make baking easier and prettier.

dry ingredients

And then you combine it all. There’s this weird part where you drop blobs of cream cheese into the batter and mix ever-so slightly, along with the white chocolate chips.


(There’s that loaf of bread again, sneaking into the picture next to the white chocolate chips.)

And then I got to use yet another favorite tool of mine, the cookie scoop. This is a life-changing tool when it comes to cookie-making.

cookie scoop

(And there’s the bread again, clearly angling for a moment in the spotlight.)

And then they went onto the tray! I pushed a blob of cream cheese into each one like the recipe suggested, and I’m guessing she took a knife and swirled them in after that. But all she said was that she pushed some in, so that’s what I did, and that’s why they look so weird.


And that’s it! I baked them. They’re delicious. I’m giving as many of them away as I can today so I don’t eat them all.

I tried getting some pictures of the finished batch, but I think everyone is better off without them. It’s time to work on my photography along with my baking, or at least fix the lighting in my kitchen.

Bottom line: this is a fantastic recipe and the cookies are always a big hit, and if you make them look pretty, they are great for gift-giving. Whether or not you make them pretty, they are perfect for eating. That’s always the bottom line, in the end.


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