Snickerdoodle Cookies


( requested (and assisted) by Juliet)

Juliet doesn’t eat chocolate chip cookies. I don’t understand it at all, but that’s how it is. And now no peanut butter cookies. She was sure she wanted some kind of cookies with butterscotch chips, but then she didn’t, and then she wanted lemon poppyseed sugar cookies, but suddenly she had a flash of inspiration and requested the snickerdoodles, so she could bake them with me.

I had forgotten about snickerdoodle cookies. The last time we made them, the kids’ friend Margot was over, and the three of us had a great time rolling the cookies into balls and coating them in cinnamon & sugar. I was so glad she remembered! Perfect.

And see how excited she was?

Juliet ready

Juliet being Juliet, before there was any actual helping, there was stacking.



But then I had her disassemble the stack, and do her best to measure out the sugar. She likes to measure it like flour, scooping it into the measuring cup, which takes a while.

Eventually I got the butter & sugar creamed, and we added the eggs and beat them in.


And Juliet finally got to measure the flour. And spill it all over the place.

measuring flour

And after we added the baking soda, salt, and cream of tartar, I let her whisk it for a bit. We lost a little more flour at that point. It was worth it.

whisking dry ingredients

I took care of mixing the dry ingredients in, bit by bit, and getting everything properly blended. It was sticky and wonderful.


sugar and cinnamon

I mixed some granulated sugar with cinnamon, and put it next to a cookie tray, and in came Juliet, ready to go.  I used the cookie scoops to try to keep them to an even size, but rolled them and handed them off to Juliet to coat and place on the pan. (I helped a little.)

rolling dough


cookie on tray

They turned out pretty good. Next time I will reduce the cream of tartar, just a little. And we’ll get Nathaniel to help too. It was a sweet way to spend what was left of the afternoon.



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