Terrible Tea Muffins


These were so terrible that I threw the whole batch out after one bite. Honestly, it’s just an awful recipe. I’m not going to link to it because that would just be mean, but I am floored by how many positive comments were posted the page where I found it. (There were some negative ones too, which I should have heeded.)

It all started out well enough. It’s the first recipe I’ve ever used that called for cake flour, and I always like using new ingredients. I read that cake flour should always be sifted, so I sifted all the dry ingredients together: cake flour, baking powder, salt (just a pinch), and coconut palm sugar.

dry ingredients

I should have used a bigger bowl, because the sifting got things pretty messy, but that would not have saved these sad, sad muffins.

dry ingredients, sifted mess

In a separate bowl, the wet ingredients: buttermilk, eggs, and canola oil.

wet ingredients, not mixed yet

In went the dry.

mixing it together

I folded it in, then I added the tea. The recipe said to try any kind of tea you like, and I thought chai tea would be nice. I love all those spices, and I’ve used it in other recipes before with great success.

added tea

I incorporated it, being careful not to overmix, then scooped it into the muffin cups. It was really liquid-y, but I’ve had huge variety in muffin batter texture, so I didn’t get alarmed…maybe just a little red flagged. But everything looked pretty normal once it was in there.

muffin batter in cups

And when they came out, they still looked pretty good, and smelled nice too.

out of oven

out of oven

out of oven

They were terrible. The texture was somewhere between chewy and gummy, with not a fluffy crumb to be found. The flavor was just nasty. I took one bite, as I said, and pitched the lot of them.

Don’t make these.

Your friend,


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