Cinnamon Oat Muffins

Cinnamon Oat Muffins

They can’t all be gems.

I’m always looking for healthy muffin recipes, but I sort of knew this one was going to be a dud. Don’t make these! I’m still blogging them though. Think of it as a warning, some type of public service announcement.

It’s too bad, though, I do love the cinnamon/oatmeal combination. And I liked the way it started, at least in theory. I poured a cup of milk over a cup of rolled oats and let them soak.

oats and milk

Things started going downhill after that.

First, I dropped the egg, but it didn’t break, so I gently put it aside so I could still use it when the time came.

cracked egg

With an occasional eye on the egg, I mixed the dry ingredients, and hit a new roadblock to deliciousness when I discovered that (a) salt was listed in the ingredients, but not in the directions; and (b) the recipe called for an entire teaspoon of it.

I don’t think I have ever seen a muffin recipe with more than a quarter teaspoon of salt. I banked on it being a mistake, and used a quarter teaspoon.

At this point, everything still looked good.

dry ingredients

After that I added the oatmeal mixture, and that gave me some hope, as it looked kind of tasty.

mixed with oatmeal

And then I added the egg, applesauce, and vanilla, and it just started to get gloppy.


The batter looked so sad in the muffin pan that I sprinkled a Turbinado sugar & cinnamon mixture on top.

muffin batter in tins

And you know what? They even looked good when they were done baking.


But when I tried one, I realized that this recipe isn’t even a good starter. The texture is off, and they are just not special. They are just muffins to have if you need a muffin, and there are no other muffins around.

So I whipped together batch of my original banana muffins, and they came out great. Perfect in flavor and texture. Something to rely on.

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