Vanilla Mini Donuts


This morning I wanted to make something special and sweet for the kids.

They argued about what it should be. There were tears of frustration.

Juliet wanted donuts. Nathaniel wanted mini muffins.

We settled for mini donuts, with the requirement that they have some sort of icing or glaze. Deal.

Into a bowl went the dry ingredients. All purpose flour, I settled for, but I couldn’t do white sugar, and used cane sugar instead.

sugar and flour

To that I added baking powder and salt, then cinnamon. The recipe called for a quarter teaspoon, but I did a half. A quarter teaspoon of cinnamon seems ineffective, at best.

dry ingredients

Nathaniel is now my official nutmeg-grater, every time I bake he asks if there’s nutmeg and then does all the grating for me. He’s an awfully nice guy.

Nathaniel grating nutmeg

I added the nutmeg, then whisked it all together.

dry ingredients, whisked

After that it was Juliet’s turn. She was in charge of the egg.

Juliet with egg

That went into a separate bowl, along with milk, vanilla (somewhere between 1/2 and a whole teaspoon), and a teaspoon of canola oil.

canola oil

I whisked vigorously.

wet ingredients, whisked

I added the dry ingredients to the wet.

adding dry to wet

And I stirred until incorporated.


Before I fired up the donut maker, which makes everything rushed, I made the glaze. The recipe said to use almond extract, which I really don’t like and don’t own, so I used vanilla instead. I added a little more water than suggested to get the right texture. I whisked, and pulled out some blue sprinkles to go with it.

glaze and sprinkles

Then, I knocked over the sprinkles. They went all over the counter, onto the floor, and into the glaze.

sprinkles in glaze

I decided that was okay.

In went the batter.

batter in donut maker

Out came the donuts.



Some ended up with a few sprinkles, some were absolutely covered in them.

Juliet reaching for donut

The glaze was really nice, though, and so were the donuts. The kids had long stopped fighting at this point, and united in their love of tiny vanilla donuts with sprinkles, for breakfast.

And that is what I wanted.


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