Healthy Chocolate Zucchini Cake

healthy chocolate zucchini cake

It’s zucchini season! And that means it’s chocolate season too. (It’s not wabbit season, though.)

I’ve had my eye on this healthy chocolate zucchini cake recipe for a while because it has cardamom in it, which piqued my interest. So I gave it a go.

I started with a full cup of grated zucchini. I squeezed the water out of it after grating so I wouldn’t end up with a bowl of mush.


In another bowl I combined eggs, vanilla, honey, and applesauce. (I used a peach applesauce as that’s all I had.) I had to add a pinch of salt, so I had another excuse to use my weird new “off-size” measuring spoons.

pinch of salt

salt going in

I stirred that together, then measured out the flour. The measurement was provided in weight so I took the opportunity to use my digital scale and in the fleeting excitement of that (I’m a nerd) I forgot to swap some of it out for wheat germ.

measured flour

The cocoa powder was next.

cocoa powder

I sifted them together, then added the baking soda, cinnamon, and cardamom.

dry ingredients

I whisked.

dry ingredients, whisked

I added the liquid ingredients to the dry and mixed well.

ingredients, mixed

I folded in the zucchini.

zucchini, folded in

I poured the batter into a round 9” pan.

batter in pan

I baked for 35 minutes, then gave it another few minutes in the pan before flipping it onto a wire rack to cool.

cake cooling on rack

And then for both looks and sweetness, I dusted it with some powdered sugar.

cake with powdered sugar

cake with powdered sugar

I brought half of it to work the next day, along with a bag of powdered sugar to sprinkle on top, since it was either absorbed during the night or just fell off. Of course that meant that sitting on my desk all day was a clear baggie full of white powder with a spoon in it. Antonia, a regular consumer of all of my baked goods, was happy to demonstrate its innocuousness.

Antonia with bag

And the cake was gobbled up.

I will admit that I thought it wasn’t sweet enough for me. The cardamom and the cinnamon gave it an edge that made it popular, but for me, I guess I like my chocolate sweeter. I liked it, but I didn’t love it, but “love it!” was said to me many times at home and at work as people came back for seconds.

I stayed true to the original recipe, so instead of copying it and being a recipe thief, I’ll just post the link.


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