Oatmeal Tea Bread II


It’s a bit of an odd concoction, but I love it. It’s a hearty, oaty bread, with a lot of sweetness, so it fills you up and feels healthy but dessert-ish at the same time. It’s an odd combination, though, and this is one of the few times that I’m eating more of it than anyone else.

It started with oats, pure and simple.


Well, actually, now that I think about it, it started with a misstep. The recipe is laid out on the page with large, lovely photographs, but it made for a lot of scrolling and some of it came a little too late. I read this instruction:

Begin by mixing the dry ingredients together in a large bowl.

So I measured out the flour, whole wheat white instead of the all purpose/wheat combo, and poured it into a bowl. I scrolled past the next large photo, and then read this:

This includes the sugars, baking soda, salt, oats and spices.

And after the next photo, this:

Then, stir in the flour.


I moved the flour bowl away, took out another one, and THEN I measured out the oats you see above. And started fresh.

For the sugar, I measured out 1/8 of a cup of cane sugar, and then 1/2 a cup of brown sugar. Full disclosure: it was a little less than half a cup, also minus this:

spilled sugar


dry ingredients minus flour

That’s everything but the flour. I whisked that together, having increased the cinnamon & nutmeg, then added it to the flour and whisked again.

whisked with flour

In a small bowl — I’m surprised I had any left at this point — I got the wet ingredients together: olive oil, applesauce, egg, and milk.

wet ingredients

I mixed that together, then combined it with the flour mixture.




It mixed together nicely. It looked like batter, it smelled like batter, and it tasted delightfully sweet.


I mixed some oats with brown sugar & cinnamon to sprinkle across the top.


I baked it for about 40-45 minutes. I wish I could remember. I think I set it for 35 and then gave it a few extra minutes.

oat bread

It came out great. Oaty, hearty, wonderfully sweet, filling, and has already saved me twice this week when I didn’t have time to grab lunch during a busy work day.


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